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Introducing Our Wedding Video Services: Celebrate Love, Capturing Moments

About Me


Hello, I’m Ray Roman, and I’ve dedicated my life to capturing the magic of love stories through the lens of wedding videography. With over two decades of personal experience, having been happily married for 23 years, I understand the depth of emotion and significance that each wedding holds. My passion for preserving these precious moments goes beyond professional expertise – it’s a heartfelt commitment to celebrating the unique connection that every couple shares.


Being married myself, I recognize the enduring value of capturing the subtle nuances and profound emotions that define a wedding day. It’s not just about documenting the event; it’s about weaving a visual narrative that reflects the essence of love and commitment. I consider it a privilege to be entrusted with the responsibility of immortalizing these cherished moments, and I approach each project with the same care and dedication that I would for my own love story. Let’s collaborate to turn your special day into a timeless masterpiece that you and your loved ones will treasure for years to come.

Inquire today to discuss your special day and let us tell your story through the power of video. Together, we’ll create something extraordinary.